Visual information systems is our passion - Seeing is believing. The company was founded back in 1994 with the intention of being oriented towards visual information systems, and to be a leader in Croatia in the design, manufacture and installation of LED displays. Over the years, the activity has expanded to large projection systems in the form of large video walls, rear projection systems and conference presentation systems. A significant part of the market are sports scoreboards for stadiums and sports halls in a wide range of products for different purposes and sizes. Centralized time management systems occupy the next group of products in educational institutions, hospitals, industrial plants, office buildings, airports, railway and bus stations.

Recently, the main products are interactive LED and LCD video displays for installation in outdoor and indoor conditions applicable in a wide range of information and advertising. The installation of media facades is a new trend of corporate branding, when entire buildings become video displays. Visibility is possible even during the day. Special emphasis is placed on transparent displays that are installed on glass facades so that the building can be seen from the outside but also from the outside inside.

Vision and Mission


Provide information and emotion through image and video. Seeing is believing.


We work continuously and faithfuly to provide consulting services, design, delivery, installation and maintenance of visual information systems, while following the latest scientific and technological advances.


Visual systems is needed by EVERYONE, all pores of social life, all activities and their application is wide:

  • Government
  • Business
  • Education
  • Health care
  • Transportation
  • Museums and interpretation centers
  • Sports
  • Information
  • Marketing